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Retirement Home for the Elderly and Digital Marketing

Retirement home for the elderly and digital marketing brand identity. Cagliari. Google. Business can someone who manages an elderly care home benefit from digital marketing? Certainly yes. Because a retirement home for the elderly is a business that sells a service and therefore . Nees marketing. More precisely. It nees to innovate. Taking advantage of […]

Algorithms and systems capable

Data analysis Artificial Intelligence can be us to collect, process and analyze large volumes of data in a short period of time , enabling decision-making bas on valuable insights. Process automation It is also possible, with the help of AI, to automate repetitive and routine tasks , such as order processing, inventory management and customer […]

The infancy of use but many did identify key areas

The digital space is exciting. And it’s becoming even more exciting as artificial intelligence comes into its own to offer new ways to automate activities and personalize content. This rapidly advancing technology can be leverage by marketers across sectors to drive campaign performance and boost revenue (more on this later…) Many executives are shifting their […]

Everything will be seen with the passage of time

Segmentation segmentation allows you to create custom filters for users who meet one or more conditions. For example, you can create a segment in this way, i.e. a Spanish user who has not opened my email in the past days by “ or a user who has clicked on a specific email but has not […]