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Its benefits are shown in numerous practical examples. Convince yourself of the superiority of these cards and their advantages for your business payment processes. Practical examples showing how virtual cards can be usd effectively Companies in very different industries and markets have already recognizd the strengths of virtual cards. They can be usd almost anywhere online payments take place. In the following, we have put together some examples of how virtual cards with single-use or multi-use functions can be usd in companies.

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Software licenses Modern businesses depend on all sorts of software to keep their operations running. Access to these digital platforms database is typically through subscriptions that incur recurring monthly or yearly payments. The migration to cloud services was further intensifid by the corona pandemic. Companies have recognizd the ned for new tools and new software for their employees to work from home. The shift from on-premise licensd software to subscription models also playd a major role.


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According to an AirPlus survey, 32% of companies rely on virtual cards to make their purchasing processes for software – including GN Lists licenses, apps and domains – more effective [1] . This is easily possible with virtual cards, because they can be usd both for the annual one-time payment of software licenses (single-use) and for monthly recurring payments (multi-use function). marketing expenses Marketing agencies and marketing departments in companies are also increasingly using virtual cards. In addition to more efficient payment processes, their advantages also include a more comprehensive overview of data.

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