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Separate your Personal Finances from those of your business

You need to separate your personal finances from your professional finances right now! Only by putting a little order in your accounts will you be able to organize yourself better, have more control over both your expenses and income and, ultimately, better manage your financial life in the short and long term. So, trying to […]

Video Marketing start using videos in your marketing strategy

What is video marketing? Video marketing is a technique that is based on the use of audiovisual content, in order to achieve different strategic objectives within a marketing plan or strategy, mainly on the Internet. There are other definitions. For example, that of Wikipedia, which focuses the main objective of this methodology on the promotion […]

Create a free logo and what logo design program

Create a free logo , What programs to design logos or create online logos for my brand should I use? It is precisely the topic that we are going to discuss in this article. The thing is that, as you will see throughout the extensive list that we have prepared for you. You can count […]

Guide to launch your first free Email Marketing campaign

Guide to launch, How to create an account in Mailrelay? This part is one of the easiest of all. Since creating a free account in Mailrelay does not require any complex or special information. You just have to give your name and an email. No credit card or other payment method is needed. In fact. […]

Online booking plugins in WordPress for hospitality

Online booking , In today’s technological market it is very easy to find a large number of plugins that can make our WordPress do almost anything. That is no longer just a blogging platform. It is much more. Without being a great expert and with only some programming knowledge or hiring the help of a […]